May 9, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) How to Build a Social Media Marketing Funnel – Quick Sprout

With continued growth from businesses in social media, it’s good to have an understanding of which platforms to focus on and why. Reaching your customers through the platforms they use the most can be incredibly valuable to your social media efforts. Read this article to for a great outline on how to build and measure your social media funnel. Read the article here

2) 7 SEO Truths Every Business Leader Must Understand – Search Engine Land

Staying current in the digital marketing world is important to staying ahead of your competitors. Therefore, if you’re in the SEO business, knowing what changes to focus on and implement can help you and your clients. This article provides seven items you must understand to stay ahead. Read the article here

3) 10 Ways to Inspire Your Inner Content Creator – Content Marketing Institute

Each business wants their content to stand out from the rest. It’s up to the content marketer to put their ideas and creativity into that content to make it something users will want to read. This article will give you ten ways to help you find that creativity and make outstanding content.  Read the article here

May 2, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) 5 Optimization Tricks That Are Always Overlooked – Search Engine Journal

When optimizing your paid search campaigns, it’s important to make sure that you are able to do so efficiently and effectively. Missing out on a helpful optimization feature could cause a missed opportunity within your campaign. This article provides you with five optimization features that you may have missed. Read the article here

2) 10 Steps to Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy – Content Marketing Institute

As content marketing continues to grow and change, you will need to have a plan for growing your content marketing strategy. Finding ways to assist in scaling your content marketing can help make any transitions and growth simpler. Read this article for ten ways to effectively scale your content marketing strategy. Read the article here

3) 10 Social Media Accounts You Can Learn From – Search Engine Journal

Social media can be a great way for a company to engage and connect with their users. The key is to understanding which social media platforms to tap into in order to best reach your audience. This article provides ten examples of how companies have been able to use social media to successfully reach their customers. Read the article here

April 25, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) 5 Ways You Can Avoid FOMO When Developing a Website – Search Engine Watch

Launching a new site can be very exciting, but also very stressful at the same time. Ensuring that you are prepared for a launch ahead of time can ease the stress of worrying about whether you have fully optimized the site. There are five great tips provided in this article that can help you create your own website launch checklist. Read the article here

2) Google Adds New Features To The Keyword Planner Tool – Search Engine Land

The Google Keyword Planner Tool has been updated with several new features that are now available to users. These new features include the ability to have a better look into estimates for geographic locations. Read this article to learn more about the nine newly launched features. Read the article here

3) 7 Tips to Ensure Your SEO Strategy Supports Your Brand – Search Engine Watch

Having a great SEO strategy that puts your company’s brand in front of potential customers is important. Another thing to consider is how these efforts leave your brand represented in branded search results. The article provides tips on how to ensure that your SEO efforts support your brand in the best way. Read the article here

April 24, 2014

Productivity Tool #3: Track Every Single Meeting Note Ever with Evernote

collage evernote - 1At Bringshare, our MO is that we save you time and free you up to be more effective. Today, we give you an overview of another tool that our team uses obsessively as a part of our productivity tools series.

The success of a meeting is determined by what happens after the meeting – that little thing called the follow-up.

Applause worthy follow-up starts with taking great notes in the meeting, and organizing them for use afterward. Evernote replaces that paper journal and out-of-ink pen with a smart, savvy digital solution for taking game-changer notes.

We use Evernote obsessively around here. Here are the 5 reasons it’s our preferred note taking solution.

Two words: Auto-save and share.

Never worry about losing all those great ideas or important meeting notes again. Evernote automatically saves (yes, automatically!) and syncs all your notes in the moment across every Evernote device. You then can share these notes with team members to help keep everyone up to date and accountable for projects or tasks.

Create checklists to track follow-up items.

It is easy to keep track of what you need to discuss, complete, or share with the “To-do” feature. You can easily add a check box next to certain items to remind yourself to complete certain tasks and assure that you get it done on time without letting it slip off your radar.

Take Your Notes Everywhere

You can quickly and easily access your notes, goals, or to-do lists from any device so you never have to be at a loss for information. Evernote makes it easy to sync your account across your phone, tablet and desktop.

Track Your Train of Thought on That Article

Never lose your train of thought while surfing the web again. Evernote makes it easy to capture images from the web and insert them into your notes. Evernote’s Web Clipper is a great resource for creating digital vision boards or sharing images for projects with your team members.

Organize Like A Neat and Tidy Pro

Don’t spend hours trying to search for notes in folders that are sprinkled all over your computer or desktop. Evernote makes it easy to organize and find notes by placing them in notebooks or adding tags so they are easy to find. The search feature also helps you find those notes those can’t-remember-what-I-named-that notes.

Staying organized with your notes, projects ideas, or to-do lists doesn’t have to be stressful.

Evernote makes it easy to compose, track, and share notes taken throughout the day. Download Evernote and make your life just a little bit easier. Well, okay, it might not make life easier – but it’ll totally make life more organized!

April 18, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) SEO, Your Website & You: 5 Myths & 10 Tips – Search Engine Watch

SEO is continuously changing and the amount of information surrounding SEO increasingly grows. To continue to make improvements to your SEO campaigns, it’s important to be able to filter out and use the key pieces of information. Read this article to learn more about SEO myths and tips. Read the article here

2) Avoid Spend Bloat: Using Keyword Classification For PPC Account Management – Search Engine Journal

A key to not overspending on underperforming keywords is to ensure that you are employing the right tactics. Using a classification system can help you to better understand the keywords within your campaigns. Learn more here about how classifying your keywords can assist you in not overspending. Read the article here

3) How to Audit Your Website Content for SEO – Content Marketing Institute

It is essential to understand where your website stands and what areas could use improvement for your SEO and content marketing strategy. Taking the time to analyze your site for SEO purposes can help you to find those key areas of improvement to successfully drive results. Learn more about why a site audit is important and how to reduce the stress of completing one. Read the article here

April 11, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) Are you still making these 5 Twitter mistakes? – The Next Web

Twitter can be a great way to engage users and build your reach.  Though not all practices are best practices and there are some mistakes you should avoid when using Twitter for your marketing. This article provides five of them to look for when using Twitter for your marketing campaigns .  Read the article here

2) 10 Surprising Facts About “Keyword (Not Provided)” For Paid Search – Search Engine Land 

As many of you may know, there has been plenty of talk surrounding Google changes to make keywords “not provided” for paid search. What will change and what won’t change regarding keywords for your paid search campaigns. This article provides ten great facts that will help you get up to speed on the latest changes. Read the article here

3) Combining Social & Content to Earn Visibility & Earn $$$ – Search Engine Watch

As content marketing continues to grow, having an understanding of how it plays into your customer lifecycle is important. Content shouldn’t only be created, but be developed with a goal in mind that allows you to effectively reach your target customers. Read this article to ensure that your social media and content are being utilized to gain customers. Read the article here

April 10, 2014

Google Adwords “Not Provided” Change Does NOT Impact BringShare

Google announced yesterday that they will begin encrypting search query data for Adwords clicks.

“We’ve long worked to keep your searches on Google secure. We provided SSL encryption for signed-in searches in 2011 and have rolled that out to searches from the omnibox in the Chrome browser. Today, we are extending our efforts to keep search secure by removing the query from the referer on ad clicks originating from SSL searches on

Advertisers will continue to have access to useful data to optimize and improve their campaigns and landing pages. For example, you can access detailed information in the AdWords search terms report and the Google Webmaster Tools Search Queries report.”

To understand what is happening, we must first understand the difference between keywords and search queries.

Keywords are the words an advertiser bids on in Google Adwords.

Search queries are the words used by the searcher to find something.

Here’s an example of how they work together:

Keyword = “Widget” which I loaded into Adwords and set a bid of $1.75 per click.

Search Query = “Best widgets of 2014” which was searched by a potential customer.

The search query, “Best Widgets of 2014”  was similar enough to the keyword “Widget” to trigger the ad.

The data now being encrypted and thus inaccessible in Google Analytics is the search query. This will not affect your ability to access search query data in Google Adwords as has always been the case.

BringShare only uses keyword data for reporting so this change will not impact your reports.

Overall, the information provided by Google about this change is pretty vague. Use the links below for some additional information.

If you have any questions, let us know. We’re happy to help.

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Additional Resources:
Google Announcement

Great explanation from 

Productivity Tool #2: Bring Teams Together On Projects Using Wedoist

Wedoist collage.2

At Bringshare, our MO is that we save you time and free you up to be more effective. It’s under that mantra that we are going to be presenting four of our favorite productivity tools in a four-part series on our blog.


Odds are, at one point or another, you’ve felt that sinking feeling when you realize a project or important task fell through the cracks. In the agency world, staying organized and on top of projects is a bit of an art – and the ones who do it well are the ones who will continually impress and retain clients.

So how do we stay organized and stay on top of the deadlines that fill our world? We use a crazy-helpful task management tool called Wedoist. This web app gives us a single place to organize tasks, files and project status messages by client.

Sounds awesome, right?!

Check out these 6 features of Wedoist that take the dun-dun-dunn out of your world. 

wedoist 3

Manage multiple clients and multiple teams in one place

By creating a project and adding your team members to specific projects, you’ll create a home base for every step of your workflow. Once added to a project, each person will be notified and will instantly have the ability to add documents, files, create tasks, and add comments. This feature makes it easy for project management and overall organization.

View status updates from team members surrounding each project

Each member that has access to a project can enter status updates letting everyone else know of any updates, set backs, or important information that needs to be conveyed. No need to send out multiple emails and making sure everyone is up to date individually, this makes it easy for everyone to view project statuses at once.

Assign tasks to other team members surrounding each project

Make sure that each person is held responsible for certain tasks by assigning them due dates and assignments. This is a great way to make sure deadlines are being met and each member of the team is delivering on their assignments.

Email reminders of tasks due

In Wedoist you can schedule reminders to alert you that a due date is approaching so you can be sure to complete the task or project on time. You’ll never have to fret about forgetting a deadline when life gets hectic – this is one of the features we love most!

View all tasks across all projects with a global dashboard

Wedoist makes it easy to view all tasks, projects, and status updates you are assigned to on one simple dashboard. You can even add and create new projects straight from the home dashboard. No need to go searching for hours trying to find certain projects or documents; everything is in one place and easy to find saving you tons of time.

File storage for easy document tracking and sharing associated with each project

Have a project that requires a word document, excel spreadsheet, or some other form of attachment? No worries, in Wedoist it is easy to upload those files for sharing and tracking right in the comment section. Each file is stored in a “files” section of your project, giving you a simple place to find any document related to your client or project.

Avoiding the dun-dun-dunn doesn’t have to be complicated.

Wedoist really can help make sure your team tames the chaos and maximizes your ability to deliver meaningful work on schedule. Don’t ignore the power of Wedoist for your agency any longer.

And now, time to check “post Wedoist blog” off our Wedoist for today. 

April 4, 2014

The Weekly Top 3 Must Read Digital Marketing Articles

1) AdWords Retiring Regular PLA Campaigns in Favor of Shopping Campaigns – Search Engine Watch

Google AdWords announced that they would be retiring regular Product Listing Ads (PLAs). However, they will be replaced with the newly released Shopping Campaigns. The new shopping campaigns provide additional features along with being able to manage PLAs. Read this article to learn more about the changes and what will not change. Read the article here

2) 9 Insanely Simple Ways to Optimize your PPC Landing Page – Visual Website Optimizer

PPC campaigns are created to convert customers and landing pages are there to help accomplish this. However, having the wrong landing page could be preventing these customers from converting. There are several elements of a landing page that need to be reviewed and considered in order to draw the customer in. This article provides nine great ways you can ensure that your landing page is fully optimized. Read the article here

3) 6 Objectives When Creating New Content Assets – Search Engine Watch

When creating content for your site, you should  have an objective in mind. These objectives will help you ensure that the content created is achieving what is was set out to do. These 6 objectives can help guide you as you create content for your site and ensure that your content is built to meet your goals. Read the article here



April 1, 2014



If a company is to continue to grow, drastic changes must sometimes be made.

Did you know that the key to skyrocketing success lies in a simple name change? Our super exhausting – er, exhaustive – research proves that changing a company’s name will absolutely generate a 550.3% increase in traffic to its site via really awesome press releases, a bombarding series of emails, and paid for guest posts.

We were so impressed with our completely un-validated research; we decided that it was time to make a change ourselves. So, we got together in a fancy boardroom with really big leather chairs, and made some drastic improvements to our name.

But at the end of the day, we couldn’t decide on which new name we liked the most. We were at the proverbial stalemate. In another stroke of brilliance, we decided to crowd-source the decision process (crowd-sourcing is what all the cool kids do, we’ve heard). That’s right! YOU get to help determine the new BringShare name!


April Fools Image



Juuuust kidding!

Of course, we aren’t changing our BringShare name because we’ve grown quite fond of it. And please disregard any of our “research” cited above – it’s definitely not conclusive.

We just thought that today, April Fools, would be a fun day to bring to light some of the names we’ve been called over the past two years. These are 100% real, and 100% hilarious.

  • Brain Share
  • Green Chair
  • BrimCare
  • Train Share
  • Bling Share
  • Bring Chair
  • Grain Share
  • Ring Share
  • Bing Share
  • Bream Share
  • Dream Share
  • Brain Trust
  • Brain Surge
  • Brim Chair
  • Bring Shed

So to be super clear, we aren’t going to be blingshare, or greenchair, or Grain Share (seriously?!). We feel pretty good about the BringShare name we’re building day in and day out. We think we’ll keep it.