February 20, 2012

What are Enhanced Twitter Brand Pages?

You’ve probably noticed that some of your favorite Twitter brand pages have changed a bit. Back in December, Twitter announced a complete overhaul and redesign of their site -adding features to make Twitter faster, more intuitive and easier to express yourself. And now, Twitter has launched another feature: The “Enhanced profile page”. The upgrade includes more robust  design options and further content feed controls.

Currently, the enhanced brand pages have only been rolled out to the brands and organizations that advertise with Twitter. As advertising with Twitter requires a minimum of a 3-month commitment of $5,000 per month, it’s no surprise that the places we see the new pages are among the likes of Coke, American Express, Volkswagon and philanthropic orgs like the American Red Cross.

So let’s dive in to the new features.

  • Keeping competitors out: Paid placements will be more controlled. Twitter released that you will “own” your page and you’ll be able to stop competitors from entering your branded space through advertisements.
  • Static Promoted Tweets: Twitter said in their release that companies will be able to “focus followers and non-followers alike on the Tweets that are the most important to you right now.” In a place where thoughts fly by at 140 characters a second, this feature is a crucial way for brands to showcase and position their important content without having to rely on its viral factor or re-sharing to stay relevant.

  • Auto-expanded, richer content: Beyond the advantages brands receive by having their most relevant content static at the top of the page, there is also the added bonus of auto-expanded content for the promoted tweet. That means you’re no longer relying on text-only to prompt a user to engage. The picture or video linked to the tweet appears automatically. Diet Coke masters this above with their featured story. Sure looks a bit more engaging than their #hearttruth tweet, doesn’t it?
  • Enriched Design: Twitter advertisers are now able to customize headers as well as increase the prominence of their logo and taglines. The enriched design also allows for the brand to better funnel their community through hashtags and specific calls to action.

So, what do you think of the new Twitter brand pages? Excited about them? Disappointed they’re only available to those with a high ad spend? Let us know in the comments below!

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